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sePw is the industry’s first and only multi-carrier hazmat enabled web solution. sePw is loaded with regulatory logic to ensure that shipments are always in compliance. It is designed to comply with 49 CFR and IATA regulations and it has an extensive feature set. sePw generates all the electronic information required by FedEx and UPS. It generates all required hazmat shipping documents in PDF. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time using an internet browser. All carrier mandates and government compliance are accurately enforced. It displays all the alerts and messages necessary to assist the shipper in making the right decisions.

Eliminate unnecessary steps from your hazmat process by using sePw, a solution that takes the burden of compliance away and let shippers focus on growing their businesses.

The Internet has revolutionized the software industry. Just like eBay, Amazon and Google transformed the consumer Web, Hazmat Software’s sePw has changed the traditional way of shipping hazmat.

Using breakthrough technologies Hazmat Software is pointing the way to the future. sePw is an essential tool for anyone shipping hazardous materials because Government regulations and increasing levels of compliance place an added burden on hazmat shippers. Shippers can provide their employees a solution that is easy to use and accurate. Our solution is an essential business tool that increases safety, virtually eliminates returned shipments because of improper documentation and helps you avoid costly fines, it provides fast access to critical compliance information when most needed.